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Mobility & More has a unique approach to senior fitness as described below:
  • Collaborative Approach - Customized program developed by the Physical Therapist and trainer, bringing in the expertise of both fields to develop a holistic program. Initial assessment by the Physical Therapist to evaluate clients balance and fall risk, strength, range of motion, as well as flexibility, pain, endurance, functional mobility and home safety.
  • Ongoing Communication - Our trainers have access to input from a Physical Therapist when needed, to minimize risk of injuries.
  • Focus - It's all about seniors! 
  • Continuation of Care - Allows you to safely continue with your exercise programs after completing insurance covered physical therapy sessions.
  • Convenience - We bring the exercise programs to you.
  • Reliable and Flexible Schedules - We can get you started immediately without waiting for a couple weeks to get an appointment.
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