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Mobility & More is a senior health and fitness training practice, providing personalized services in Montgomery County, Maryland and Washington DC, with a special focus on active older adults and seniors. The services are provided by experienced Physical Therapists and personal trainers  in the comfort of the client’s home, office, or gym as per their convenience.

Founder Priti Prabhu of Mobility & More
"Mobility & More was born with the mission and clear purpose of helping seniors lead more active, mobile and fulfilling lifestyles"
Priti Prabhu
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Priti Prabhu


The founder of Mobility & More, Priti Prabhu is a board certified physical therapist, clinical practitioner and educator with over 20 years of experience working with seniors.  She holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from the reputed Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. While pursuing her Masters, she worked in the Biomotion Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital doing research on subjects with balance disorders. Priti also holds a Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy from Mumbai, India.  


In the course of 20 + yrs of working with seniors in different settings, Priti recognized gaps in the system. After receiving insurance based services, seniors are discharged and often have not fully recovered or regained their prior level of function. Some still use an assistive device they did not use before, while others have not regained their strength and balance to their full potential. In many instances, this leads to a continual deterioration of their function, quality of life and putting them at an increased risk for falls. Recognizing these gaps, Mobility & More was born with the mission and clear purpose of helping seniors lead more active, mobile and fulfilling lifestyles- through the power of “right exercises” with rehabilitation and injury prevention.


Priti has been a resident of Montgomery County, MD for 12 years, and lives in Bethesda with her husband and 2 lovely children.


Priti also makes time to volunteer and proudly serves on the Board of a non-profit organization called GROWS - the Grass Root Organization for the Well-Being of Seniors in Montgomery County, MD

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