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Jump-Start 2021 with 6 easy tips for Better Health all year!

Here are some easy to achieve fitness tips for starting off the new year with a healthier lifestyle.

1) Walk more

Walking is a great exercise that is often overlooked and underrated. It is a lower impact exercise- suggested workout over running for those with knee, ankle and back problems. Walking is a good exercise for bone health, along with cardio and strength training.

Whether its brisk walking in the neighborhood or taking your dog for longer walks, every bit counts!

2) Eat more fruits and vegetables

Craving sugar? Replace refined sugars with fresh seasonal fruits. Frozen fruits make a delicious desert! Maintain your gut health by eating fresh vegetables which are high in fiber, low in calories, and rich in nutrients.

3) Drink more water

Hydration goes hand in hand with nutrition and exercise for achieving good health. Drinking enough water in the day will keep you feeling energized, get clearer skin, and help with losing weight. Spike your water with lemon juice or throw in some cucumber slices or a few raspberries to make it deliciously refreshing!

4) Get more sleep

There are endless benefits of a getting a good night's sleep- stronger immune system, reducing inflammation, preventing depression, better calorie regulation, and improved energy to name a few. Commit to better sleep habits from winding down with yoga, stretching or meditation to banning electronics in the bedroom.

5) Hold a Plank for a stronger core

If you are looking for one exercise to strengthen your core muscles, holding a plank is the way to go! Whether you start with a standing plank against the wall, do a chair plank or a modified plank on the floor, you will achieve good results. A stronger core can give you better balance, improved posture, and prevent back pain!

6) Don't make your workouts feel like a chore

For consistency and adherence to a healthy lifestyle, make your exercises a part of your daily life. Incorporate exercises into functional tasks and activities of daily living; make it fun and do a virtual workout with a friend; listen to your body and take rest days; and remember something is better than nothing! If you don't have 30 mins for your exercise routine, and you can only do 10-15 mins, that's OK.

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